Recent studies show that more people now attempt tasks that were previously confined to specialised trades. These handy D.I.Y. people attempt and succeed every day in creating, building, writing, repairing, trying, and successfully completing tasks that had previously been in the domain of the professionals. Undoubtedly, many handy people have a range of personal requirements, skills, and the opportunity to do it themselves, but fear that they lack the skills, knowledge, or specialised tools. This book demonstrates that this fear is unnecessary. With a few simple tools with a bit of practice and assistance from 50 years of experience as a floor covering professional at hand, you can undoubtedly surprise yourself. Often, these specialised tools are merely adopted to save time. The professional most crucial function is to save time. The hidden truth is that in many circumstances, you are simply paying for YOUR OWN TIME saved. If you have spare or unused time, why not capitalise on it and buy for yourself a sense of achievement, pride, and self-satisfaction?

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