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A few months previously I sold  a roll of 4-metre wide sheet vinyl to a customer that asked, “Do you think I could lay this myself?”

“That is not a problem,”  I told him. 
He then asked me, “do you have any tips on how to go about it”.    “Tips?”  I asked. “I can give you instructions that will have you laying it in no time”.
I have always believed that most people can achieve anything they attempt. Providing they take small, simple steps. And that each small step achieves success.

I also understood from my past experiences that I knew all the small steps he required. And that I fully understood that minor failures cause the most significant setbacks.

I promptly dedicated an hour to this customer. He wanted to buy the vinyl. I wanted to sell. But he had nagging doubts that he could lay the vinyl successfully.

I had the know-how and experience to shatter those doubts.

I a very short time I arranged it so that  this customer was cutting small off-cuts of sheet vinyl against the shed walls  Successfully,

Success breeds confidence. I showed him all the elementary tools he would require, and the sale was made. He left feeling completely capable.

He returned to see me about a week later and told me that it went down brilliantly “looks like a professional laid it”.

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