1928 Ford Sedan


owned by Ron and Sandy Johnson

Some of the technical innovations introduced in the Ford Model A tourer which resulted in its universal public appeal, included:

A L-head 4-cylinder engine with a displacement of 200.5 cubic inch (3.3 L) producing 40 BHP.

Four-wheel mechanical brakes

A foot-operated accelerator, conventional battery and coil ignition

A maximum speed of around 65 miles/hour with fuel efficiency ranging between 30 to 40 miles/gallon, depending on driving conditions.

A three-speed sliding-gear transmission

A 103.5 inch (2.6 m) wheelbase with a gear ratio of 3.77:1

1928 Ford Tudor Sedan

Although it was built for only four years, the Model A Ford was a

popular car, a transitional step between Ford’s ancient Model T

and its ground-breaking low priced V-8. It’s a well regarded

collectible today.

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