1938 Ford Deluxe Sedan


owned by Ken and Karen Dawes

Ford 1937 to 1949

Ford Extended making the 1937 Ford into 1938 The 38 Ford included most body panels on the standard models. But the Deluxe model had a new heart-shaped grille.

The slant back was discontinued –  Hard times, and the non updated look took a toll on sales around this time and sales were slow.  This is not the type of car that is a   donate  car  These Fords were powered by either   136 in³ 2.2 litre Flathead V8 Or the 221 in³ 3.6 Litre Flathead V8 In 1938 Ford created a separate Mercury division to separate between the more basic Fords and the luxury Lincoln.  Having introduced the Lincoln Zephyr in 1936, Separate  branding for the Lincoln image was created.


Photo above The Heart Shaped Grill of the 1938 Deluxe Ford

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  1. Message received  KEY BLANK

     1938 Ford Deluxe Sedan -Capricornia  -I am a locksmith a little information for owners to 1938 ford,  the key blank is  Ilco 1125D for the doors and column lock.

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