On the first D.I.Y. evening, a couple of women were attending this first demonstration. They both liked the weight and feel of the bolster – it was heavy and worked superbly.

This simple tool, and using it to rub the carpet against the wall and transfer the chalk marks to the back of the carpet, was simple.

One of the women told me they had dressmaker sheers (scissors) at home. So she never needs to buy any tools. Most attendees just needed something to rub the carpet into the chalk line.

On the first ‘Do It Yourself’ evening, we sold several rooms of carpet to keen buyers. The rubber-backed trend onlylasted a short while. This style of carpet never lived up to its potential.

I later branched out into demonstrating a sheet vinyl D.I.Y. There were flexible types of vinyl (not as flexible as today’s) domestic sheet vinyl through which I developed a technique that most handypersons could manage.

I always suspected that the main reason for a succesfull DIY instruction is


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