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AJS, a turn of the century producer of superb motorcycles and eventually well-engineered motor cars was a family-owned enterprise started by Joe Stevens from a small shop in Wolverhampton. Originally, Stevens was an all-around metal worker but together with his four sons, switched to motorcycle production in 1909 under the AJS logo. AJS was actually derived from the initials of one of the four brothers – Albert John Stevens.


(Left) Lucasas headlight No 462


Careful design and engineering resulted in fast, powerful machines that consistently finished at the top of their class in racing events. The success of AJS Motorcycles soon led to the production of side cars and by 1919, the company was one of the world’s largest manufacturers of side cars.

The most luxurious of AJS side cars was produced after the end of World War I. In 1919, AJS debuted the deluxe Model “D” Outfit. Leather upholstered and spacious, the ride was equally superb. Excellent suspension was provided by large “cee” type springs in the front and in the back. A tool locker was positioned beneath the spare wheel to the rear. The spare wheel could be utilized for the side car or the motorcycle.

Additionally, the side car’s weatherproofing consisted of a folding hood and cover with side curtains and apron. The V-Twin manufactured for side car use began production immediately after the first World War. The engine was of Matchless Company manufacture and in 1931, Matchless purchased AJS. Seven years later, Matchless purchases Sunbeam and the three companies were then combined as Associated Motorcycles.




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