1949 3 ton Ford

picture11949 3 ton Ford tray back truck   owned by John Nixon

With a lot of members out of town It is sometimes hard to gather together a collection to represent the Club at the annual Harbour Festival Parade. Jo49-1hn Nixon (we have met him several times through the Capricornia Branch of the Queensland Jaguar drivers Club) offered to fill a gap with his extremely attractive Ford 3 tonner. The Truck is pretty well original, all the serial numbers match etc. But it now runs on gas. With the side Valve V8 under the bonnet I do not suspect that John misses any loss of power. The Ford spent its life working on a Dairy farm in Bairnsdale, and John bought the truck when he needed a vehicle to complete a job he was working on, so it is good to see that the Ford is not just a display piece. . It still contributes to the work load . . . That’s what it was built for.
The 49 is Australian built (I am just saying that off the top of my head – presumption) and John has had to do very little restoration apart from replacing the old tyres


Photo left

Another under the bonnet photo of a Ford V8   – looking under the bonnet of Ford V8s is becoming quite a pastime for club members lately, and if you ever see a group of members huddled around a pile of photos . . The chances are that they are not ‘Girlie pics’ But another Ford.


Photo right An extremely smart interior greets the driver. What cannot be seen is a rather nice sound system that is conveniently hidden away behind the glove box –


A few members will recall checking out Johns magnificent ‘e type’ a couple of years ago when he called in to pay us a visit at one of our engine running days. I recall someone asked him why the number plates were inside the car? – John simply asked “would you drill holes in This Jaguar ? ”





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