Citroen 2CV

2cv   Owned by  Ray Hobbs Gladstone

After World war II  Citroen Introduced the 2CV .  To me it always looked like an economy version Of the VW bug.  If you ever get a chance to take a good look at one, I think it is a highly ingenious car  an almost perfect version of the ‘KISS’  principle (keep it simple stupid)  This little car sold faster than Citroen was building them, and at one time had a five year waiting list if you wished to own a new one. . By 1950 production increased  to close to 500 cars a day.   This is another of the great fun cars .

I took this photo at the Calliope Market, Outside the Clyde Hotel, Home of The Gladstone Vintage and Classic car Club.  I had to get another member to help shoo ‘lookers’ away to get a clear photo. . There are not a lot of this model in Australia and it proved to be a very popular car on display.

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