1927 Chevrolet Four

This Article From the “Piston Broke” the Gladstone Vintage and Classic Carriage Club Newsletter.  May 2001      

John McBeths  Project,   

John told me that 1he had only had this 1927 Chevrolet Four for around two months, and arrived at the general meeting with a fist full of photos.  So I snaffled five of them to let you all know what a great little car that John has got his hands on.

John McBeth seem2ed a little reluctant to hand over the photos,  But I insisted.  After all, I had forgotten to take my camera with me for the last few meetings, and Bill had also been leaving his camera behind lately,   PLUS, our New president had added  to  my own and our Editors frustrations by sitting on the new  (old) FORD “A” photos for  over a month.

“The cars not Finished”  John told me,

“We all want to see it before its finished , So we know what we have to look forward to, and so that everyone knows what you are up to”  I told Him.            (We have members that cannot get to every meeting,  This is an introduction)

3 I conferred with John Hinde,  “what condition would you call that John” I said, “would you call it Basically complete” (That’s what John said his Essex was when he got it, )  “YUP” said John

John seems to have got stuck into the job already, and amongst the photos  was one of the  chassis ready to go.

The engine has been disassembled and reassembled, and John told me that he had replace just a single piston.  The Gearbox has had the same treatment, so I grabbed a photo of  both


This Article From the “Piston Broke” the Gladstone Vintage and Classic Carriage Club Newsletter. September 2000

 I am Told that when everything is quiet on the weekend In the local vicinity where John and Robyn McBeth live The sounds of a 1927 Chev can be heard as it takes another lap around the block. Neighbors and relatives queue in line for a joy ride And Robyn is heard Giggling over the sound of the rattling of the engine as the Chevrolet scoots merrily around the block…

john3“That’s what I ‘m Told”

But as the author of this article denies having written it, and the Editor  denies printing it. Who will ever know.

The McBeths have been pretty busy,  and the smell of ‘Dandelion Yellow’ paint could well be in the air, as it seems the Chev is not destined to remain anything else but a bright and cheerful machine.

No dull colours for this little lady.

John is pleased with the way the Chev handles, but I suspect that he should be, He put it all together.

The construction of the tray is already underway,  and The McBeths have some external construction ply and varnish in the shed  ready to complete this section.

It will not be too long before we will see John and Robyns   1927 Chevrolet Four  on its first rally.

Great Car John !    Welcome to the Gladstone Vintage and Classic Carriage Club

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