1951 Jowett Jupiter Sports


Owned by  Brian Holmes.

The Jowett Jupiter sports cars, powered by a Jowett and Gerry Palmer designed 1486cc flat four pushrod engine of 60-62 BHP, are a good example of British engineering eccentricity.

The engine’s clutch housing is detachable; gearbox and starter motor attach to the clutch housing. Beneath the black cover-plates on the top of the engine the pushrods can be accessed. The horizontally opposed four cylinder unit of bore 72.5mm x stroke 90 mm engines had a compression ratio of 7.6:1 or 8:1.

Other innovative and admirable features include:

Transmission: Compact transmission offering 4 forward ratios (synchromesh on 2nd, 3rd and top) plus reverse. Gear lever is steering-column-mounted.

Steering: Steering is by a solidly mounted rack-and-pinion unit, rare for it’s time. As a result the steering is light and positive.

Brakes: The brakes are all-round hydraulic, with twin leading shoes at the front. Brake shoe area is very adequate except for fast mountain descents when fade will be experienced.

Suspension:   Front suspension is independent, unequal length wishbones, with torsion rod springs and telescopic shock absorbers.

Rear suspension (Mk1, Mk1a) is live axle, well-located by Panhard rod (no axle tramp), with transverse torsion rod springs and telescopic shock absorbers.


Length : 168in / 427cm

Height : 56in / 142cm

Width : 62in / 157cm

Wheelbase : 93in / 236cm

The Jupiter Sports did not disgrace itself in national and international competition rallies and races – during its production life and beyond. Historic races and rallies continue to provide happy hunting grounds for the Jowett Jupiter sports cars.

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