1934 Graham Sedan


owned by  Norm and June Marshal.

The 1934 Graham production line was bejeweled by the new sedan, which besides performance, offered smoother engine operation at all speeds, better fuel economy and cold starting.

On the 1934 sedan, the banjo frame was stiffened via two new X members, styling remained basically the same as the previous versions of Graham (horizontal hood louvers were added in the mid of 1934) and no-draft ventilation was offered on closed cars. An add-on trunk was optional on the sedans.

On balance the much improved performance added to the already excellent styling which resulted in a surge in the Graham’s public appeal.

Some of the specifications related to the 1934 Graham Sedan includes:

Powered by a V8 3998 c.c engine, delivering 85-95 Bhp of raw power.

Characteristic elegant styling including the L-head

design, aluminum pistons with invar struts

Competitive pricing and customer perks.

Enhanced durability features.

Wheelbase of 224″-245″ (custom)

Optional availability of non-shattering safety plate glass.

Top speed exceeded 90 mph

In spite of being an engineering marvel, the 1934 Graham Sedan was unable to capture people’s imagination mostly because of the lack of its radical uniqueness, and the contemporary depression in the economy. In a larger sense the Graham was a victim of the increasing centralization of the automobile industry. Still its simplistic performance oriented features have lured hundreds of car lovers from all over the world.

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