1928 Ford Tourer

owned John and Daphne Hoerlein


1928 Ford Tourer

Henry Ford was a stubborn man. He considered his Model T the perfect car for the masses, and wasn’t about to stop making it. But by 1926 Model T sales were down by more than a quarter-million units, and many were sitting unsold in dealers In May of 1927, after 19 years and more than 15 million Model T’s, the announcement came of the release of its successor Model A.

The Model A was not only mechanically superior  to the T, it was much more stylish. It bore some resemblance to the Lincoln and came in a wide variety of models.

The 1928 Ford Model A Tourer was one of the most successful variant in the Model A’s production history.

At the car’s first public showing in January, 1928 in New York’s Madison Square Garden, police had to hold back the surging throng. Fifty thousand New Yorkers paid deposits on new Fords. The mob scenes were repeated in other major cities. It was apparent that Ford had produced another winner.

Put it this way I would pretty much want my modern office furniture to look like this car, better yet I would want my bed to resemble a model A Tourer.

1928 Ford Tourer

Some of the technical innovations introduced in the Ford Model A tourer which resulted in its  universal public appeal, included:

A L-head 4-cylinder engine with a displacement of 200.5 cubic inch (3.3 L) producing 40 BHP.

Four-wheel mechanical brakes

A foot-operated accelerator, conventional battery and coil ignition

A maximum speed of around 65 miles/hour with fuel efficiency ranging between 30 to 40 miles/gallon, depending on driving conditions.

A three-speed sliding-gear transmission

A 103.5 inch (2.6 m) wheelbase with a gear ratio of 3.77:1

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