1934 Dodge Sedan


owned by  Brian, Kay and Jack Sole
In 1928 after the aggressive acquisition of the Dodge Motor Company by Walter Chrysler of the Chrysler Corporation, the company’s new management undertook several innovative measures to improve its market hold, but the historical Depression forced them to drastically change their commercial plans.
It’s interesting, and a little unsettling, to imagine how the two firms would have weathered the upcoming Depression had they remained separate, with Chrysler’s new multiple makes and relatively low levels of production capacity, and Dodge’s independent ownership by an investment firm with no other ties to the auto industry.
But the depression never stopped the innovative outflow of the development team of the new Chrysler Corporation.
This was vividly portrayed in the Dodge’s 1934 production line in the form of the following classics, commercialized in several unique body modifications:
1 DR DeLuxe Six
2 DRXX New Standard Six
3 DS DeLuxe Six

The 1934 Dodge Sedans were truly automotive marvels and introduced several innovations unseen at the time. Some of the technical innovations associated with the 1934 Dodge Sedans include:
1 Straight 6 – cylinder, 217.8 Cu.In. Engine generating 87 HP
2 Bore x Stroke: 3.25 x 4.38 inches
3 4×2 rear wheel drive front-motor car
Thus under the Chrysler Corporation’s management, the Dodge continued its proud heritage and tradition of power, style and rugged dependability.

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