1929 Buick Roadster


Owned by  John Semgreen

The low and long,  1929 Buick Model 44-Sport Roadster, with smart, well balanced lines, is outstanding for its racy appearance and performance. It has long side ventilators, full ventilating windshield, and a fully trimmed rear deck with comfortable seats. Bumpers, spare tire, side carrier, trunk rack, and wire wheels are extra equipment.

The 1929 Buick roadster was the first of its kind from the Buick production line, and hence attracted a lot of attention from the Buick enthusiasts all around the globe.

The Roadster model’s universal appeal was the result of several innovative technical specifications , such as:

Engine: A 6 cylinder powerhouse of 90.5 Bhp and revvying up 2800 RPM with a Piston displacement of 309.6 Cu. In.

Oiling System: Pressure to crankshaft connecting rods and rocker arm shaft

Four Wheel Brakes: Mechanical – External Contracting Front and Rear Brakes

Chasis Lubrication: Pressure Gun – Zerk Grouped Connections

Cooling System: Pump-shaft Driven

Wheelbase: 120 3/4″

Turning Circle: 42 Feet Right and Left

The unique 1929 Buick Roadster was an innovator in the contemporary sports segment of the automobile industry and created a stir among the youths looking for some new trends in the car industry.

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