Aromat and the really lovely wedding (for little girls) (6)

“We want a really lovely wedding”   Susan told the Manager of the Hotel  where Henry and Susan intended to get married.
“Really lovely ” added Henry.
Susan said ” My mother had a really lovely wedding,  and Henry’s mother had a really lovely wedding and that is exactly what we want to have a really lovely Wedding . . . We also want a band with a famous trumpet player”,
” Right ” said the Hotel Manager

Susan told the Manager that at her mothers wedding her Granddad had hired a band from the big city.  But unfortunately when the bus carrying the band members arrived in town, the trumpet player had player put his head out of the window to look at the big Chimney stack,  and hit his head on a lamp post . . . “Knocked all of his teeth out”  Susan Said.
“It was lucky that there was a famous Trumpet player staying at the same hotel on Mothers wedding Day  and he only charged them $50 to play the trumpet for the whole night” said Susan
“Right” said the Hotel Manager.

On the Morning of the wedding Henry and Susan received a phone call.  “I am the band leader ” the voice said. “We have a very big problem..  We hired a famous Trumpet player to play with the wedding band tonight . But when the plane was flying into to town the trumpeter put his head out of the window to get a better look at the big chimney stack.
“OOHHH NO!” screamed Susan “Did he knock all his teeth out?
” I do not know” said the band leader “we will not know that until we find his head “.

Aromat had heard about the accident,  he picked up his music book and his dog bowl and went to the hotel to find the band leader. Aromat found the band members in the big Ball room.  Aromat opened his music book and puckered his bum and started to fart a tune.
The first notes made the band members sit up straight. They looked around and all they could see was Aromat reading the music and farting a tune ” prrrro oopp poooop prrrrrrppp. prrrro oopp poooop prrrrrrppp prp prrrrpp “.
“When the saints go marching in” . Shouted the Piano player ” absolutely brilliant” shouted another musician.   The guitar player said it was “Totally Masterful”
The band leader instantly stood up and walked into the nearby kitchen, he picked up a saucepan and swiftly bashed it on his own head. He put the saucepan back and went home. “I don’t feel well” he told the girl at the front desk.

Aromat had no trouble getting the band members to agree to feeding him two sausages for every song, the musicians told the manager that the band would be excellent as long as Aromat had a big bean bag to lay on while he played . The band members also told the manager that the band leader had gone home because he had a headache and to “telephone  the butcher shop to get a big pile of the best sausages”.

Everything was beginning to look excellent for Susan and Henry’s wedding . The band was complete and they even had  Aromat as a Famous Trumpeter.  It was exactly  like it should be at a very lovely wedding.

The best part of the night was when the two bridesmaid go onto the stage and sang “Twisting the night Away'” and Aromat danced the twist by wiggling his bum while making the trumpet sound.

One old lady tried to get on stage and hug Aromat . She shouted “You have got a lovely bum Aromat”    but the bouncers stopped her. . “NO!”   they told her “We want this to be a very lovely wedding” . . . And it was.