Do it Yourself Lay Your Own Sheet Vinyl

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Teaching Tool 6

An enthusiastic D.I.Y person can easily imitate this tool I know of one man that filled his wheely bin with water (to make it stable)  and practised with a small piece of vinyl.  trimming off a couple of inches at a time until he considered himself good enough to attempt the real thing.


The only difference between a D.I.Y. person and a professional is that the professional will be in and out of a job in no time. 

The D.I.Y. person will do it over the weekend. Possibly buy a carton of beer with the money saved. 

ALIGNMENT MARKS   (laying it square)

  The three marks on this  single line is all you will require to be able to lay the sheet vinyl square

The marking on the previous page are important

If the three points are aligned, on the wall, on the floor, and outside the door, they will match the sheet vinyl markings and everything will be square.

Bear in mind that the vinyl will want to cover some of the markings. The vinyl when carried in will be rolled up. So only the backing will be visible for mark (B) Visibility will be obscured.

Marking the underside of the vinyl will be difficult. So a simple technique to transfer the markings to the underside of the sheet vinyl will involve a pair of thumb tacks.

A quick note regarding placing ink

A quick note regarding placing ink, felt tip pen markings on the underside of your vinyl. DONT DO IT!

Sometimes it may seem unavoidable, especially if you only have access to the underside of the sheet while unfolding it.

Underside of Sheet Vinyl

Top side of Sheet Vinyl

Use the masking tape to write or mark on any vinyl surface. sometinme you canget away with a small pencil mark. NEVER with a FELT TIP

A quick note regarding placing ink, felt tip pen markings on the underside of your vinyl.


Sometimes it may seem unavoidable, especially if you only have access to the underside of the sheet while unfolding it.


Now its there

Now its Gone


WITH A MARKER PEN (back or front)

fool proof

On the previous page, You will notice that I have drawn a line on the underside of the vinyl sheet.

Turning a large sheet of Vinyl upside down and re-measuring to copy a line that totally matches the markings on the front is tricky. For a start, everything is Back to front. So what was right now becomes the left. Is it upside down?

A layer should never deliberately make a hole in the vinyl.

However, If you know there is a hole in the sheet vinyl, you cannot see it, and despite knowing precisely where it is, you cannot find it. Then Obviously, it is not there.

Two thumb tacks marked below and a line drawn on masking tape on the rvers side of the roll

 I have inserted two thumb tacks that precicely follow my line.  I pulled the vinyl back to expose the pointy bits. I then used these tiny pins to alighn my square.

Drawing a line (on masking tape)  gives me the result you will find on the previous page

fool proof 2

There is clearly not enough room for a first time layer to manipulate under the door. so take it off

If you take a door off put the screw in some Masking tape and stick them over the top of the door. This could save you time trying to find them. Also save the embarrasment of finding one underneath the vinyl you have otherwise successfuly installed  

fool proof 3

One of the reasons I cut out the shower area on this area is because it made sense to get rid of the unwanted piece. It makes the roll easily handled. Right arm grabs hold of the right end. The left arm holds the othe side.  the middle  in contact with the floor in the doorway. 

All the markingsmarking I need to align the job. In this position I can Simply walk the vinyl to the door. Aligning the marking I placed on the vinyl, clearyl visible between my feet.


Now is the time you can apreciate this type of vinyls soft felt like backing, It does not scratch the paintwork.

If you can imagine holding the end of a skipping rope in each hand You can walk through a doorway. It is U shaped. Bending the sheet vinyl this way makes it easy to walk through the doorway. The piece of skipping  rope dragging on the floor is the piece of vinyl with the markings on it. 

This makes it easy to line up the three marks

fool proof 4

This is the image that tells the whole story to date.

As yet I have not carried the vinyl beyond having one foot in the doorway.  No shuffling no heavy lifting. I have matched up my alignment with the doorway in two directions

The two lines match in this image. It looks a lit scewed, but that is because I have lifted the vinyl to enable cutting the corner.

align marks

The only shuffling left to do is to line up the underside with my third marking. EASY, Seems clear to me If a 76 year old can handle this stuff, Any handy D.I.Y. person can