I’m pointing myself nowhere

It is easier following footsteps when the toe prints at the front.

Unless you’re quite adept at going backwards, but I’m not.

Backward facing footprints always head to where they’ve been

I could have even travelled there. Maybe I just forgot.


I doubt that I will ever pace a path that’s not been trod before

And If ever get there I will surely be surprised.

I might just take a pile of wood and tools to build a door.

Then lock the thing behind me, Locked in my own demise.

But knowing how I travel, I will probably lose the key.

And lock myself in somewhere nobody else will ever go.

Then maybe I will realize the stupidity that’s me.

Then likely lose myself to death, and no one else will know.

Bugger, Bugger everything, I am staying on the Highway.

I have never known quite where I am, plus I’m regularly Lost.

I’m better suited more to never doing things my own way.

I’m a ‘go in circles’ type of guy, but I can’t afford the cost.

Truth Bewilders me

You can tell me what you like. I rarely give it value
Information I think, needs to float around my head.
Quick acceptance seems to me immature or callow
I just assign the words I hear quite simply “what you said”.


It is not that I’m distrusting, Especially of you
But sometimes I need back up, evidence
Confirming all I hear or “what you said” is true.
If I look at you bewildered, then tell me “what makes sense”.

 Key (truth evolves)



Aliens on Earth

I do believed in Aliens a fact I can’t resist
I truly have encountered them,alien2
have proof that they exist.
I meet them now and then.

They are from a different planet
Strange world I’ve never dreamed
I don’t know if their harmless and it
scares me . . . Close to screams .

Identifying aliens, as tricky it might seem
Simply put, these creatures look like us
a few years past . The way we used to ‘been.’
They will inherit all there is.    No point to make a fuss.


Key ( Our Children will take over the world)

A Definition of Love

 loveA definition of love

Think of peoples minds containing ice cubes in a bucket.
in every little ice cube a tiny block of wisdom
The bucket is intelligence and with any luck it
Is keeping all the silly parts of mind, fully locked in reason.
Love is just a roasting oven, one proven way to fuck it.
Is melting down whole damn show. It’s most akin to treason.

Where are the old time traffic cops ?


Where are the old time traffic cops?   Not that I was ever a big drinker and it has been  well  over 40 years since I have been guilty of  even the slightest form of  drink driving.

I  recall one evening  back in the 1970’s  when I was pulled over by a traffic cop  for driving along Railway Avenue Mt Isa  in my 1959 Ford Fairlane.  (similar to photo  right)

I loved that car. It had a huge Canadian V8.

The Cop asked me why I was driving on the Highway at  only 10 miles an hour?.   I explained to him that  “I was drunk  and did not want to run anybody over“. That I was nearly home as I lived in the B.S.D barracks  (a few hundred yards up the road)

I recall the Policeman  severely  shaking his head.  He then escorted me home following me in the Police car.    When when  arrived the  barracks  the cop  gave me the biggest bollocking I ever had and threatened to drive me  five miles out of town and make me walk  home if  was ever caught  drunk at the wheel again.

Back in those days I was earning good money.   I could happily pay whatever fine  that he could impose. But The thought of walking  five miles home drunk was  scary enough to keep me  driving sober for the next 40 years.

I have told this story many times,  hoping nobody ever followed it up by locating the cop concerned.   I am guessing that by now he  has safely retired. .  So I can Blog about it  without worrying about  causing this Old Time Cop any  repercussions.

I am evolving like a camera,

As a200px-kodak_brownie_flash_iii teenager  I remember having the vision of an early box brownie camera. I could see most things in reasonable focus. Basically I had a fairly simple black and white vision of the world

I am starting to suspect I could be evolving in parallel with the camera. I am realizing that today I am more aligned to a flying camera drone .

I recently saw a photo taken of surfers on a beach. I had never seen an image that so simply demonstrated that a single individual could cast so long a shadow.

The photo was taken as the sun was going down. I think this is very nice. The view from a modern camera drone matched my current thinking . Better still my sunset is still a fair way away.

Elegance Grace and Silliness

Elegance Grace and silliness

Three of my favorite things.  This painting by  Sherrie smith   hangs on the wall behind where I sit. The Artwork  supplies the Grace and Elegance.  I supply the Silliness

( Poem Below)

The Swan

I read somewhere the Queen owns every British swan

 probably to stop the English eating every one

Swans are graceful elegant, quite tasty it would seem

but if you get caught eating one you will feel the wrath of Queen

For  recipes for cooking  Swan you must refer to Geese.

Don’t do it.   Less  your head gets chopped off   (just above the knees)