Aromat at the Rodeo (3)


It was the biggest rodeo that was ever held anywhere  in the world.   The Cowboy in charge had sent for the toughest bull in the world.  The bulls name was  ‘Devil Shadow ‘  and he was the meanest toughest  bucking’est and best’ist Rodeo  Bull that there ever was,  anywhere, ever.

It was very bad luck that the truck  that was carrying the Bull crashed  when it was bringing  Devil Shadow to the rodeo.   Devil Shadow was very upset about the accident and refused to go to the Rodeo.
“A Bull cannot refuse to go to the rodeo!”  Shouted the head cowboy.
“Well” said Devil Shadows Owner “He Just did”.
The Head cowboy shouted  “I have 10.000 people arriving at the rodeo grounds on Tuesday morning.  If I do not have two thousand kilograms of rough, tough, snorting, kicking and Bucking Hell  on hoofs ” . . .  The rest of what the head Cowboy said was too horrible to repeat.

There is not even one breed of Dog  that has have hooves.    Aromat looked at his paws and thought to himself,   Cats have claws that they can move in an out . . “Horrible scratching creatures” thought Aromat.  ” Hoofs are  hardly any different from  having an empty tin can on each of your feet”   Aromat thought . .
Bulls have four legs. Dogs have four legs. . . Bulls have tails. Dogs have tails. The truth of the matter was that the biggest difference between a bull and a dog was it’s size. The other truth of the matter was that 2000 Kilograms of mince meat and sausages could easily solve that problem,    quite easy for a Farten Hound.

It was quite lucky for Aromat that the Rodeo was in town for this particular  week because everybody eats hamburgers and sausage rolls and hot dogs, and Ice Cream  at the rodeo. .  The butcher shop was already making up the orders for all the different service clubs that had hamburgers and Sausage  stalls.

Aromat remembered the words the head Cowboy had said.  The words that were too horrible to repeat. .  “I have to save the Rodeo” thought Aromat .

“That is not a Bull” shouted the Head cowboy.
“What is it then?”  asked  the owner of Devil Shadow.
“That is   NOT DEVIL SHADOW !”  The Head Cowboy shouted angrily
“YES IT IS!”  Said the owner of Devil Shadow . .  . Of course the owner was telling a huge lie.   But sometimes when it can cause trouble to tell the truth,  well,  that’s why lies were invented. .

 This argument was  turning into one of those  times where one person says ‘IT IS’ and the other person says ” IT’S NOT’.  Then the first person says  ‘YES IT IS’  again,  then the other person says “NO IT IS NOT” again.    It was one of those arguments where somebody was needed   to decide who was right.

CALL THE VET” shouted the head cowboy. “I have never seen a Bull that can sit on the grass and lick its own bum like that “.

Aromat quite liked the vet so he  gently picked him up by the neck so that his feet dangled.  Then Aromat placed him on the dirt at the front of the gate where the bull runs out.   Aromat placed his paw on the chest of the vet and the vet saw the tin cans on Devil Shadows paws  . Aromat licked the vet full on the face and  Aromat’s tongue seemed like it was the size of a huge warm soggy,  slippery,  slimy wet blanket.
“WELL!” Shouted the Head Cowboy . . “IS IT A BULL?”
Aromat stopped licking and showed the vet his teeth and made a very soft gentle  “play with me ” type growl.
“YES! ” shouted the vet “IT IS WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE”
“We want it to be a bull” said the owner of Devil Shadow.
“IT IS A BULL” shouted the vet with tears running down his face – “Let me go home to my mummy now  .  .  Please”.

The crowd at the rodeo was the angriest crowd that was ever seen at any rodeo ever,  “A rodeo without Hamburgers was stupid” somebody said  .  .   The head Cowboy was crying,  tears ran down his face and he kept saying silly things like  “I want my Mummy”.  and  “Where did all the food go?”

When the feature bull  (it was really Aromat)  bucked the champion Rodeo Bull rider six  meters into the air and right over the safety railing fence..  It was excellent. . ,.
When the wild bull (it was really Aromat)  caught the rider in his mouth while the  bull rider was still in mid in air,  and before he crash landed onto the concrete steps.  It was absolutely super.   When The roughest, toughest, snorting-est, kicking-est and Bucking-est Hell on hoofs (it was really Aromat) placed the champion Bull rider carefully and gently back on the ground.  The CROWD WENT WILD. . It was absolutely unbelievable . The crowd screamed out “DEVIL SHADOW – DEVIL SHADOW – DEVIL SHADOW”  The crowd wanted more. This was the most fantastic bull there ever was .  .

It must have been a freak dust storm or some other sort of peculiar weather phenomenon,  But suddenly the visibility in the Bull ring was  hidden by some sort of dust or a thick black smoke haze  . .  When it cleared the Rodeo ring was empty.  . Except for four large tin cans and a very  small dog.