Type of  Vinyl We Shall Be Laying

This image (below) is a typical modern soft ‘felt back’ sheet vinyl. these vinyls come in a general width of 4 metres.

Very popular at this time are imitation plank patterns.

Small  areas can be dificult to lay square and true, especially in areas where it is not possible to align the sheet vinyl with a longer wall.  Our intended area is one of these. so we shall be placing some guide marks on the walls.

A little exra time lining up the sheet square to the walls can sometimes be favourable to simply laying a marble paternless sheet.   paterned ‘end of rolls’ also have the advantage of a better discount on “END OF ROLL”  specials.  Many people will avoid patterns for caravans etc. Floorcoverings sales staff know this, the patternless remnants and ends of rolls sell faster.  (lesser discount)

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