Teaching Tool

Occasionally I show customers how to “cut in” D.I.Y domestic vinyl. I needed a round object I could use when I showed the occasional customer how to cut around odd shapes..

An old biscuit  tin proved to work quite nicely. I would find a scrap of Domestic sheet vinyl. Lay it beside the tin that I had previously filled with a floor leveller. The extra weight was required  to make it solid and not slide across the floor easily.

This created for My temporary trainee an excellent round shape. This simple tool proved to be a perfect tool for practice “cutting in.” 

Success cutting around the tin consistently increased my trainees confidence. So I added two more square containers. Later, I swapped over to a fifteen-litre plastic glue drum because it was heavier than the previous tin. It was already made.  This drum was previously used  hold a display banner.  

My objective (as always) was to sell another short end of a roll, a remnant. I was occasionally getting a much bigger sale.

A few months later, I added two biscuit tins. This combination made a complicated shape; This was the sort of shape that a sheet vinyl layer would only rarely encounter.

Success cutting vinyl around this gave my trainees confidence

 “If I can cut around that, I can cut around anything”  I heard these words uttered on a good few occasions. 

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