fool proof 3

One of the reasons I cut out the shower area on this area is because it made sense to get rid of the unwanted piece. It makes the roll easily handled. Right arm grabs hold of the right end. The left arm holds the othe side.  the middle  in contact with the floor in the doorway. 

All the markingsmarking I need to align the job. In this position I can Simply walk the vinyl to the door. Aligning the marking I placed on the vinyl, clearyl visible between my feet.


Now is the time you can apreciate this type of vinyls soft felt like backing, It does not scratch the paintwork.

If you can imagine holding the end of a skipping rope in each hand You can walk through a doorway. It is U shaped. Bending the sheet vinyl this way makes it easy to walk through the doorway. The piece of skipping  rope dragging on the floor is the piece of vinyl with the markings on it. 

This makes it easy to line up the three marks

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