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Ronaldson & Tippett

wilsonRonaldson & Tippett Austral Kerosene Engine No. 2502 – 

1It is difficult to imagine how much work has gone into restoring these engines,the photo  belw  shows a load of parts arriving from somewhere and I can only presume they are for the above engine.

Ronaldson Brothers and Tippett were known for creating innovative and technologically amazing engines such as the Type N and the Type CF Vertical. But while the likes of Type N marked the company for greatness, there is one particular engine that perhaps helped start the engineering revolution the company has paved way for. This is the Ronaldson and Tipett Austral kerosene engine.

3The Austral engine is actually a label given to earlier Ronaldson and Tippett engines. Some Austral engines are actually Type N engines. This is not surprising. As one of the major manufacturers of engines at that time, Ronaldson-Tippett sold these engines to other companies for their own use, giving it different names for the individual distinction. The earlier Type N models were called the Austral, a kerosene engine that has the trademark characteristics of the usual Ronaldson and Tippett engines. For one, these Austral engines are rugged—something that even the later Type Ns have. Of course, they’re also reliable and strong, as well as versatile.

It’s not surprising why many people are dying to have a Ronaldson and Tippett Austral kerosene engine. After all, it’s part of the amazing history of Ronaldson and Tippett and, in turn, of the engineering history.


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