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Ronaldson Tippett CF


Ronaldson Tippett Type CF Vertical  Diesel – 4 hp 600 rpm

  The Ronaldson Tippett Type CF Vertical is a four horsepower, 600 rpm engine that looks pretty much what how its name describes it—vertical and imposing. This makes it a popular collector’s item for steam engine enthusiasts. But what makes this engine amazing is the story behind its manufacturer—the Ronaldson Brothers and Tippett.     – Ronaldson Brothers and Tipett was an Australian company that created basically everything concerned with engineering and construction—from cast iron to engines. Needless to say, this made them one of the known pioneers in the field. The Ronaldson-Tippett Type CF Vertical is easily one of their most renowned engines since it was available in various variations (different horsepower, different models—kerosene and petrol—and different accessories. Today, these do not really seem like notable accomplishments. However, back then, these were considered as engineering innovations.

The company of the Ronaldson Brothers and Tippett created more engines as the years pass—such as their popular Type N and the initial Austral engines. Of course, each of these engines has their own unique characteristics and capacity. For enthusiasts, the Ronaldson Tippett Type CF Vertical is unique because of its unusual yet appealing superior aesthetics, as if it was an engine made specifically for the visual medium more than anything else.


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