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1948 Minneapolis

wilsonpicture41948 Minneapolis-Moline GTB  10A 150

The 1948 Minneapolis-Moline is an incredibly powerful tractor made by one of the finest in the industry. This 1948 tractor has a four cylinder engine, 1760 rpm, gasoline type engine has a 211 cubic inch displacement and a 13.6 x 36 rear tire size, which should fully illustrate how big it.


picture5But what’s amazing with the 1948 Minneapolis-Moline is how it can fully demonstrate why many people are so fascinated with tractors of old. Of course, as a 1948 model, the 1948 Minneapolis-Moline is not longer comparable to the power and capacity of more modern tractors. Still, the idea of what it was during the time it was made and how it has fared after several years.

In any case, there are actually several 1948 Minneapolis-Moline tractors (some of them given the Z type designation). This one is special because of its power. It has a NATPA DivII pull—a notable spec considering its 4000 to 4500 pound weight class. It has 211 cubic inch displacement and a 21 drawbar 27 belt horsepower.

Those who want to see the raw capacity of classic tractors should see the 1948 Minneapolis-Moline—easily one of the most outstanding of its kind, then and now.



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