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1947 Fowler Crawler

wilson1947 Fowler Diesel Crawler  Mark VF  

picture8A Crawler tractor sometimes refereed to as  track-type tractors, is a tractor that runs on tracks. Usually dedicated to uses where a  larger contact surface area is required. Softer ground, or where the use of attachment like bulldozer blades are required.  Excellent in many conditions unsuitable for wheeled  tractors but

Require more maintenance as they have far more moving parts,

picture9The 1947 Fowler Crawler is a British company that was founded during the early 1863. Its founder, John Fowler, is an agricultural engineer, so it is only natural that the company’s productions fell in the traction engine and plough equipment industry. The 1947 Fowler Crawler is obviously one of these products that were made during the 1940s to 1950s timeline, right after the war. Needless to say, the Crawler was one of the earlier creations. This fact can be quite evident—although there were already shades of genius to the initial tractor production of Fowler.

In any case, the Crawler is actually a type of tractor (rather than a proper name or label for the specific tractor). It actually refers to tractors that run on tracks (hence its name). Because of this, the 1947 Fowler Crawler tractor is ideal for areas with large contact areas and soft grounds.

The 1947 Fowler Crawler wasn’t exactly the first of its type, although it can certainly be considered as one of the best of its type. Although Fowler has made other more powerful tractors (the Challenger being one of them, a 125 horsepower tractor that’s truly a class of its own), the 1947 Fowler Crawler cannot be disregarded when looking at the creations of the era.


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