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1929 Austin Seven Chummy

picture11929 Austin Seven Chummy  
Entrant number 11 Driver – Peter Longden  Navigator Tanya Longden Owners – Trevor & Bev McCulloch –



The Austin Seven made its debut in 1922. A product of the Austin Motor Company, the 7 horsepower prodigy had been designed in its entirety by none other than company founder and president Sir Herbert Austin – who was knighted in 1917. Initially, there were those who thought the automobile was odd-looking and would not prove successful. But despite this, Sir Henry was sure he had a winner and he was right!

Despite a slow start, sales soon began to pick up and the “Chummy”, as the car was soon called, grew in popularity. Two years later, the Austin Seven sported a larger engine and the addition of an electric starter.

By 1926, Austin Motors was producing over 14,000 Austin Sevens each year. The project had obviously become a success story for the company.

Popular with families, the Austin Seven incorporated big car characteristics in a small design. The auto could reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour. The front-engine, rear-drive model averaged 40 miles per gallon of gasoline using a four-cylinder side valve design, 10.5 horsepower engine and three-speed transmission.

The front wheels were stopped by a hand brake and the rear wheel brakes were controlled by a conventional foot pedal. In 1928, the Austin Seven was sold as an open two-seater with an additional hard top.

Austin Seven enthusiasts have formed many organisations throughout England, Scotland, Australia and Germany – proving that the old “Chummy” retains its popularity to this day!





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