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1936 Wolseley New Hornet

1936 Wolseley New Hornet Owned By Kurt Hoppe


This car was one of three  with a body built by Karrosseriebay-Aktiengesellschaft- Sissach  during 1936 in  Switzerland  ( Sissach is the Town) .   The firm went bankrupt in 1942.  Kurt talked to with the son of the of the founder of this firm and was told There was also another firm  building Wolseley body’s during the pre war years.  Wolseley sent three Wolseley Hornet chassis to the main dealer  (Emil Frey of Zurich) and the above car is  one of them.


33Built coach work for buses, trucks and vans and cars, and The factory still stands today.


Kurt found the car in 1989, it had been stored in a barn in the Village “Rothenburg” near Luzern. It had last been used in 1960 and had been  robbed  for  parts for spares for another Wolseley

Today not one of the three cars exist. Kurt says the above car was in a miserable condition and was almost impossible to restore.   The car was missing an engine and gearbox, all the interior and the hood.    Kurt has the remaining parts  stored .







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