1930 Chevy Roadster


Owned by Norelle Shuker

Chevrolet introduced the 1930 Chevrolet Roadster model with the goal of enfusing it amidst the contemporary American culture to ensure its longevity and public appeal. They were more or less successful in reaching that goal , mainly because of the car’s impressive reliability features and durability.The car’s road worthiness and durability is as impressive today as it was back when the cars were new.

The wide spread appeal of this vintage car can be easily derived from the features that it boasted of, such as:

* Flexible six-cylinder engines

* Synchromesh transmission

* Four-wheel mechanical brakes

* Free-wheeling

* A counter-balanced crankshaft to dampen vibration

* A downdraft carburetor for better engine

* Frame braced with five cross-members to increase

chassis strength

* Attractive feature styling

The Roadster’s approximate technical specifications in

clude: Base weight: 2,410 lbs.

Body: Steel panels over steel frame

Frame: Pressed steel frame with five cross-members

Wheelbase: 109 inches

Length: 164 inches

Width: 66 ½ inches

Height: 70 inches

The Roadster also saw the introduction of the Chevrolet “Owner’s Service Policy,” something we now know as a warranty. A free inspection and adjustment was available at 500 miles, with regular free inspections every 1,000 miles.

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